Provide an on-demand green mobility solution on campus

Add a sense of community through shared assets

With MoJo Car Share, you can add an eco responsible approach to your organisation by reducing unnecessary vehicles, emissions, parking congestion, and private vehicles on campus, and introducing electric vehicles into the mix.

Mobility Solution on Campus

Pool Fleet; ‘Gain’ visibility over all vehicle locations with the mapping feature

  • Optimise the fleet, reduce source 1 emissions. Gain greater utilisation on each vehicle meaning less assets sitting idle and the ability to reduce and ‘right-size’ the overall size of the fleet. Take costs off the balance sheet.
  • Online booking and streamlined administration. Visibility over the vehicle location with the mapping feature.
  • Key less entry; accessed by smartcard, staff card, or iPhone/Android application. No handling of, or central repository, of keys.
  • Telematics and GPS tracking
  • After-hours bookings. Ability to earn revenue on the fleet through opening the cars up for after-hours booking by staff and students.
    • Eligible for fringe benefit tax relief in this case.
  • Month end reporting

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