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EV Car Share is a valuable amenity addition to your property environment

Our Commitment

Benefits to Property

Mobility Solution

Provide a mobility solution to residents and tenants as well as a sense of community through a shared asset

Reduce parking

Save cost on the provision of additional parking by providing a mobility solution on site

Marketable amenity

Add a valuable marketable amenity to your property


Assist with DA and town planning submissions with progressive councils

Full solution

We provide a fully managed service solution


Actively add to your development’s eco-footprint and eligibility for GreenStar Accreditation points with both car share and EV capability

How it Works

Engage us to provide a MoJo Car Share solution in your property environment. Whether it be a residential, commercial or hotel property we can implement a mobility solution to suit your property’s unique characteristics.

Fully Managed Solution:


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Car Share makes a positive contribution to the councils and communities in which they are embedded. Car Sharing improves congestion and aids emission reduction, with 1 Car Share vehicle taking between 10-15 private vehicles off the road. A Phillip Boyle and Associates study found that each Car Share vehicle in the City of Sydney delivered an economic return to the city of over $6 for every $1 invested.

Help make a positive contribution to the community today and contact us to discuss your property.