Drive On-Demand

Drive electric on-demand, by the hour, when you need a car

How It Works

Rent an EV, on-demand, by the hour.  

1. Select a car

Select a vehicle available

2. Book via App or Website

Book the car through our app or mobile website. Select the time you need the car for

3. Easy Access

Vehicle access is simple through our mobile app

4. Get in and start driving

if you need to extend during your journey, as long as your car isn't booked for the time period following your booking you can extend through the mobile app as needed.

Want MoJo at your property?


Consumer Benefits

Use your property or fleet’s exclusive MoJo Car Share electric vehicle for a business meeting, a trip to the shops, out for lunch, a day at the beach, or a weekend away.

Cost saving

The average private vehicle spends 96% of its life sitting idle with the owner spending around $12,000 per annum on owning and maintaining the vehicle. Studies have shown drivers can save thousands per year switching vehicle use to a car share service.

Practical alternative to car ownership

Either primary car or secondary car.

Affordability and Convenience

Just get in and drive when you need to, without the hassles of owning and maintaining a car.

Adds to a sustainable lifestyle

Lower you carbon footprint and lead an active lifestyle, using a car only when you need it.

Things To Remember

Few things to remember before you take-off: