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Drive on demand and tame the urban jungle 

What We Do

Property Solutions

Add an exclusive EV car share scheme and valuable amenity to your residential or commercial property

Fleet Solutions

Right-size your fleet and integrate EV to provide an advanced mobility solution

MoJo for University

Provide an on-demand mobility solution on campus for students and staff

Why Car Sharing?

Car sharing has proven benefits for individuals, towns and councils, businesses and fleet managers.

Save Money

A proven cost saver for end users, governments and councils, organisations and businesses

Convenience and Mobility

Use and (importantly) pay for a car only as you need it


Reduce emissions and congestion

Fill the Public Transport Gap

Cities need a wide range of transportation services to solve mobility issues. Shared mobility is Multi-Modal. Car Sharing is one further option to complete the picture of public transport and reduce the reliance on car ownership

Our Company

We are passionate about Mobility.

Cities are remarkable places full of great concepts to increase the quality of life of its occupants. Transport and Mobility and more recently, Shared Mobility – including Car Share and Electric Vehicles, are essential elements of the world’s greatest cities. We believe in Perth as a vibrant cosmopolitan metropolis.

Car Sharing:

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Car Share makes a positive contribution to the councils and communities in which they are embedded. Car Sharing improves congestion and aids emission reduction, with 1 Car Share vehicle taking between 10-15 private vehicles off the road. A Phillip Boyle and Associates study found that each Car Share vehicle in the City of Sydney delivered an economic return to the city of over $6 for every $1 invested.

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